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Getting Started

What is CrossFit ?

CrossFit is an evidence based strength and conditioning program built on consistently varied, if not randomized, functional movements executed at high intensity. It was developed to enhance every individual’s competency at all physical tasks. CrossFit started in Santa Cruz, California and is now an international fitness program with over 2,000 affiliates worldwide. We are a private fitness program where clients can workout only under the direction of a CrossFit certified trainer.

Who can participate in CrossFit ?

CrossFit can be adapted to all ages and ability levels. We have proven success with children, elite athletes, and older adults. The CrossFit approach challenges an individual at their current level of fitness and progressively moves each person to greater levels of fitness.

What type of instruction is available ?

Clients can workout one on one with a trainer or participate in scheduled group classes. All clientele must first go through initial individualized instruction regardless of their entry fitness level. These sessions are used to acquaint the individual with the movements, stimulus and equipment used in CrossFit. The number of individual sessions will be determined by the client’s ability to execute the movements on our Basic Skills Sheet and by their ability to physically adapt to high intensity work.

How do I select a trainer ?

There are currently 9 CrossFit certified trainers at CrossFit Cache Valley. You can view information about each trainer on our Trainers page. You are invited to attend one of our free introductory CrossFit classes, offered every Saturday at 9 AM. After the workout you will be given an overview of the program and will have an opportunity to have all of your questions answered.

How much are the fees ?
Month-to-Month                $100
3-Month **Commitment       $240 ($60 Savings, only $80 a month)
6-Month **Commitment       $420 ($180 Savings, only $70 a month)

**consecutive months 

Couples Membership       $160
Military, Fire, Police, Teacher and Student     $70

Payments are made with automatic withdrawal.  30 day cancellation notice is required.


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  1. Toni permalink
    March 23, 2012 10:24 am

    Do I need to register for the free introductory CrossFit class? Or, do I just show up?

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