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Team CVSC’s Travis T.’s Regionals Recap

May 23, 2012

Travis Tourjee
(in 2012, 105th in the Open in South West region)
Years in CrossFit: about 3 ½ years
Pull ups- 42
Deadlift – 500#
Overhead squat- 215#
Front Squat – 305# x 3
Snatch- 195#
Clean – 245#
5k – 19:47
“Fran” – 3:53
“Karen” – 6:18
“Murph” – 33:57
“Fight Gone Bad” – 364
“Cindy” – 24 rounds

What motivated you to compete in Regionals?
Regionals was the next step in my Crossfit experience. After talking to last year’s team athletes and how much fun they had and experience they took away from Regionals, my goal became to be part of this year’s team. After wrestling, Crossfit has become my competition and motivation. The opportunity to be a part of the team this year was plausible so I went for it.

How did your performance go in the workouts? ..if team, what wods did you do?
I competed in Team WODs 1, 4, and 5
1: 20 x 455# partner Deadlift, 20 HSPU, 20 HSPU, 20 partner Deadlift
4: Chipper of squats, pull-ups, push press
5: Snatch Ladder
Workout 1, a partner “Diane”, was right up my alley. Mason and I were the first guys done in our heat with our first round of Deadlifts and HSPU, allowing Tara and Chelsea to be the first ladies off the line. It was great to see Team CVSC ahead of the pack on the first workout.
Workout 4 went as well as any brutal workout could have, with Mason and I making our way to 41 out of the 75 front squats after Tara and Chelsea tackled their way through the entire workout. Great job ladies!
The snatch ladder worked out as I hoped it would, with a PR for me at 195#. I failed at 205#, but I’ll get that here in a few weeks after BT’s strength cycle.

What do you take away from this experience?
I had a memorable weekend hanging out with great people and getting to do one of my favorite hobbies. It was amazing to be amongst that caliber of athletes; I can’t imagine what the Games would be like! Watching Chris Spealler, weighing 150#, complete a 225# snatch was inspiring for me. One realization that I have come away with from Regionals is that I need to increase my Olympic lifts as well as my strength, both mentally and physically, for next year.

Anything else you’d like people to know about competing in CF?
Give it a shot! The people are wonderful, the atmosphere is awesome, and the workouts are fun (unless they include a 7 minute AMRAP of burpees). If you think you are a person who would be too nervous to compete, don’t worry, the crowd and music drown out at 3, 2, 1 go. Competition gives you a chance to show yourself that next gear that you normally don’t reach in the gym, and it feels great.

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