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Kim A.’s Crossfit Competition Experience

June 30, 2011

Kimmer “not THAT kind of Cougar” Fredette

Years in CrossFit: 



“Fran” – 5:37
“Grace” – 3:48

“Fight Gone Bad” – 275
“Murph” – 47:17

“Deadlift” – 275#

“Back Squat” – 215#

What motivated you to compete in Regionals?

My experience and performance during the Open were huge motivating factors for my decision to compete in Regionals.  It was really fun to do the Open WODs at my home Box alongside fellow CFCV’ers and see how our results stacked up both worldwide and in our region. There was so much excitement and adrenaline going during the Open that when the opportunity to go to Regionals as part of the CFCV Team was presented, I  jumped at it! I really wanted to experience the larger competition atmosphere and represent CFCV as part of a Team.

How did your performance go in the workouts? ..if team, what wods did you do?

On the first day, I did Team WOD #2 (Thruster Ladder) where there were 15 weighted barbells set up with increasing weight increments starting at 105#. We had 20 seconds to take the first barbell from the ground and perform one thruster. If  we successfully performed the thruster according to the standards, we had 10 seconds to transition to the next heavier barbell where the same rules applied.  I made it through 125#. I really enjoyed this WOD because it was challenging, used heavy weight and included a time factor.  I had worked on heavier thrusters back at CFCV, so I was a little disappointed that didn’t carry over to the competition, but I had a blast out there lifting heavy stuff overhead.

On the second day, I did Team WOD #4 (250 reps of chest to bar pull-ups/kettlebell swings/double-unders/overhead squats).  All those reps were intimidating but we had a good strategy to get a certain number of reps and go in a certain order and we stuck to it.  It was a lot of fun chipping away at the movements and cheering each other on. I was pleased with my contribution and I was really proud of everyone.

What do you take away from this experience?

An enormous amount of respect and appreciation for all who were at Regionals–from the competitors to the judges to those who coordinated and volunteered their time to make a great event and especially those who came to support.  Also, tons of great memories!

Anything else you’d like people to know about competing in CF? 

Until I started Crossfit, I hadn’t competed in anything since high school sports. Crossfit has opened my eyes to a greater level of appreciation for all the opportunities available to me.  I’m so grateful that my body continues to provide me the physical ability to train at CFCV so I can do “real life” things better, but I’ve found that competing gives me something to look forward to and helps me focus my intensity on areas where I may not otherwise venture. I encourage everyone who enjoys Crossfit to compete at every opportunity. You will learn so much about yourself and what you truly ARE capable of. The self confidence and sense of accomplishment you gain from your experience will carry over into everything you do.

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  1. chelsea permalink
    June 30, 2011 10:33 pm

    Kim, you are a rock star in my book! also a great cheerleader. Thanks for always pushing me harder. (and always getting just the right photo:)

  2. Bob Haywood permalink
    July 1, 2011 11:20 am

    Kim, you are ‘Kimmer the Motivator’ to me also. Besides our daughter, your our favorite adopted visiting athlete down here at WCF. Thanks for pushing us too and great job at the competitions. Luv, Mom & Dad aka Suz and Bob H.

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