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Gil H. on Crossfit Competition

June 28, 2011

Gil H.

years in crossfit:
3 years

deadlift 545
press 205
squat 421
bench 325
hang clean 300
hang power snatch 215
fran 2:57
jackie ~5:50
cindy 26
grace 1:48

What motivated you to compete in Regionals?

i like to compete, have something to train for, i like the mental test

How did your performance go in the workouts?

 i feel my performance was mediocre at best, i bombed on wod 1 and didn’t do as well as i think i can on the rest

What do you take away from this experience?

that in order to be able to stay competitive in crossfit i need to take everyday of training seriously the whole year

Anything else you’d like people to know about competing in CF?

 have a desire to get stronger and train that way, embrace all aspects of training that don’t necessarily seem like crossfit such as interval work on the airdyne, track, hill and rower, train slow boring aerobic work, work on weaknesses, do s#!% you don’t like, lose or gain weight depending on what is needed, just basically get in and do the work.


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