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Travis W. on Crossfit Competition

June 21, 2011

Travis W.

Crossfit Experience:

Just over 2 years

September 2011 I will have my CF level 1 for a year

CF Mobility and Movement Certified 

Picture of me on the CF main site

Bench marks:

Fran- 3:15

Cindy- 26 rounds

Murph- 40:22 

Whitten- 3 years and counting……

Back Squat- 365#

Snatch- 202# (dropped 207# on my head right after!)

What motivated me to compete in CF:

I am a first year competitor in Crossfit.  When we lived in Puerto Rico not too many folks even did Crossfit and all the comps were on the mainland.  Plane tickets were always too expensive so I made a goal to at least compete in just one competition when we moved to the US. Fitness Elevated was that one competition, and I really felt like I was able to find another gear in some of those workouts.  Personally, getting to that new level is what got me excited to go to participate in the CF Open and the Southwest Regional this year.  

How I performed:

During the second week of the CF Open I ended up getting really sick and had to complete WOD #2 with a sinus and ear infections going on.  That performance left me a little disappointed but, I stormed back the next week in the clean and jerks in WOD #3 and turned my best finish of the open!  Then, when I found out we qualified as a team I was excited to see how the larger competition would be.  I competed in WOD #1 (Row 750m/50 HSPU/Row 750m) and WOD #4 (250 reps of :chest to bar pullups/KB swings/double under/ OH Squat).  I surprised myself in both workouts!  My second row I ended up being able to keep my 500m split time down much lower than I thought I could, and in the 250 WOD I was able to find that other gear again and really do way more work than I thought I could!

What I took away from this experience:

During this experience, I really feel like I was able to learn a lot about how to challenge myself mentally when working out.  In the regular WODs we do every day I feel like I work hard, but–I can push myself harder.  In addition to that, I really was able to witness some awesome performances by my fellow CFCV-ers who did things I didn’t think they could do.  Another thing I took away from the Regional is–you have to work on things you are weak at.  If that means setting aside time before or after the WOD–you have to do it or you will never get better.  This is why you’ll see me working at HSPU a ton over the next year!  The last thing I learned was to really trust Brad’s coaching and programming here at CFCV to prepare me for any and everything that might come up.  We have an awesome community going here at the gym and I really enjoy all the time I get to spend there! 

Anything else about Cf competition:

I really think everyone should be competing!  It is just like running that weekend 5k–you don’t enter that race thinking you’re going to win it, but if you don’t ever sign up you will miss out on a chance to test yourself.  There’s just something about being in that competitive atmosphere that enables you to do to better than you thought was possible!  Take advantage of any and all races/competitions you can enter, and prove to yourself that you CAN do it! 


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