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CFCV BIS Challenge Version 3.50

January 27, 2011

50 Days to Look GOOD! Play BETTER! Feel your BEST!

Are you ready to look good naked?  Set new personal bests at the Box?  Feel better overall health and wellness? It all begins with what you eat!

Click on the photo for the recipe 🙂

Crossfit Cache Valley is launching our 3rd Nutrition Challenge: 50 Days to Look Good, Play Better and Feel your Best! Winning this Challenge is based on a simple principle: Eat well and you will SEE and FEEL results!  Oh, and there are also CASH PRIZES!

  • Challenge begins Thursday, February 10th, 2011 and ends on Thursday, March 31, 2011 (YEP!  That’s 50 Days!)
  • Cost to participate is $30
  • Cash Prizes will be awarded to top ranked female and top ranked male based on TWO SIMPLE Challenge scoring components:
  1. Physical Adaptation –Using “before” and “after” photos, participants will be ranked based on how dramatically they have changed their physique in 50 days.
  2. Performance Improvement –Using “beginning” and “ending” scores on a specially designed benchmark workout to be performed on the first and last day of the Challenge, participants will be ranked based on how much they have improved their performance in 50 days (time improvement or points scored).

Winners will be selected based on their combined total ranking of these two components.

There. It’s. That. Simple.  Now, all you have to do is sign up at the Box!

What?!!! No Food Journals?!! No body fat measurements?!!  Well, no.  While these very useful and informative tools are NOT REQUIRED for this Challenge, they are highly recommended.

Participants are encouraged to share your food journals with CFCV Staff to ensure that your nutritional habits make sense and enable you to succeed during the 50 days and beyond.

CFCV will continue to provide the tools and resources you need to be successful.  Check out the Nutrition Links on the right sidebar of the blog. A Facebook group for the Challenge will be available to join where more information will be posted and participants can share your thoughts, recipes and successes.

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