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Sectionals Recap

March 1, 2010

Competition is one of the reasons why I CrossFit. We were thrown a bunch of random, varied fitness challenges earlier in the week, and we woke up Saturday morning and did them. From the first clean and jerk to the last prowler push or burpee, we gave it 100% and left nothing on the floor. Few people have the physical and mental ability to do what we, as CrossFitters, do; I hope everyone can appreciate that. I hope that all my fellow CFCV’ers, not just the ones that competed on Saturday, and Sunday realize that most people just don’t do what we do. We are unique in our decision to push our bodies and minds to a level most wouldn’t even dare entering.  Competition is the test of methods and we came out looking pretty good. We continue to evolve and move forward as a gym and a community. 

When you see these tired and sore athletes in the gym this week, be sure to congratulate them and give them a friendly pat on the back for a job well done.  REGIONALS..HERE WE COME!!

CrossFit Cache Valley Sectionals


Top 3 Women - Utah/Nevada 2010 Sectionals


Top 3 Men - Utah/Nevada 2010 Sectionals


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