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April 21, 2009

  At CrossFit Cache Valley we do not often follow the “Workout of the Day” posted on for reasons I have outlined on several occasions.  What I do love and will start integrating are The Girls.  The Girls are CrossFit’s most notorious benchmark workouts designed to physically tax and measure the performance of any athlete.  There were originally six Girls: Fran, Angie, Barbara, Chelsea, Elizabeth and Diane.  They are murderous, fun, painful and broad based as only CrossFit workouts seem to be.  Last Friday courted Angie.  100 reps of each: pull ups, push ups, sit ups and squats. (When was the last time you did 100 of anything?)  We will certainly see more ladies in the future and we will be looking to bring times down, rounds up, weight up, or some measure of power increase that indicates improved fitness.

**Remember – If you are strong you can move heavy weight.  If you are powerful you can move that same heavy weight quickly.


Angie Scorecard

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